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Nature's raw data exposed to IT and translated into straight talk.

To uncover the secrets of numbers

Eventually, IT has become part of my DNA

Since 1984, I have been working with IT in all possible aspects, from collecting and processing data through designing surveys regarding best practice for leadership to extracting clear messages from large amounts of information.


Nature's data

In the mid-1980s, I was involved in a series of surveying and design projects focusing on the diversion of water from areas at risk of flooding. Significant input to the data processing was taken, among other things, from precipitation forecasts, which at that time by the way constituted the first efforts for climate predictions at the local level.

An interesting and challenging job, where I as IT manager furthermore acted as a link between IT and the business areas, which subsequently commercialized research designs and results for salable products.


My growing passion for project management and the dealing with large amounts of data led me to a more than 20 year long commitment in Denmark's largest telecommunications company. In the company I hold a number of management positions within several different subject areas, exciting from Operations, Support, Customer Management, and Finance to Analysis and management consulting.

Taking one's own medicine

As a curiosity, I can tell that when it was decided to separate the analysis department from the telecommunications company, the department itself was responsible for the transfer to a large international analysis and consulting company (analysis as such was not a core business in telecommunications at the time).

Management Consulting

Over the years, my interest in interpreting and disseminating the collected data has grown steadily, and especially the work with evidence-based management has had my great interest.

With access to relevant data and analyzes, it is no longer assumptions and sensations

that form the basis for competent management, but on the contrary solid facts.

Activities in the open air and traveling with family and friends

Although spreadsheets are my good friends, I really enjoy some fresh air

sailing the Danish waters as a yachtsman at sea and tending our garden on land.

And by the way, I enjoy relaxing beach holidays, beautiful nature,

big cities and active exploration trips to both the poorest and the richest parts of the world.



Lars Bisbjerg

Nyringen 87

8240 Risskov


Tel: +45 5170 8858


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