Everybody is looking for “The Good Life”.

All of us do have the need for regularly to pause our doings, and think about the life we live.

This applies in all life areas. It applies to our global and international interaction with each other.

It applies to our relationship with family and friends. And it applies to our relationship with employees

and colleagues at work.

Each individual must humbly understand himself as part of a larger whole and behave with respect

and understanding in dealing with others.


"Maybe you already live your life by that"

We only know it too well

That happiness of others is in our hands.


The book calls attention to how even very small everyday events create distance or proximity between people.

To respect each other, to give each other space, to enter into open dialogue with each other – in spite of differences such as social class, religion, ethnicity, gender, and age – is the way towards greater mutual understanding and thus towards a better world.


Despite the many crises and conflicts around the world, I have maintained my optimism and firmly believe, that a peaceful and fruitful coexistence between humans is possible.


Stories about who has done what and when circlulate

in all families.

Some of the stories are extremely cheerful, others are admiring descriptions of a family-member behavior, and again others vote for consideration.


But whatever the narratives contain and how the family's events are told, the narratives are significant “glue”, that creates cohesiveness in our extraordinairy family.


For instance

The cover collage of my family chronicle portrays my grand parents. The chess game reminds me and the rest of my family, that my grandfather taught me to play chess in the hardest imaginable way: Think, Jan - or lose!

And I did that, lose - startling and crying - the first 200 times.

Then I achieved a drawn game (remis) - and oh joy,

I started to win :-)


All families can be recommended

to make their own family chronicle

- and I would be happy to assist ...

Cover, vol 1.jpg

Results through people

One of my greatest pleasures as a business owner and director has always been to see how employees and colleagues grow when giving them attention, showing them confidence, giving them responsibility and following them closely.

However, this form of leadership places very high demands on the manager's social skills. Should I mention some of the most important characteristics of such a leader, then he must be courageous, be a good communicator, have an understanding of internal harassment, own self-esteem and impact.

- And curiously enough: The same qualities can be used with advantage in “family and children's upbringing”.