- Aerial, ground, underwater


See the world from new angles - Business

  • Discover how new photographic perspectives add surprising and un-dreamt of qualities to architecture, company headquarters, construction sites, etc. 

  • Create overview and new insight with multi-dimensional perspectives

  • Amaze and create new knowledge.


See the world from new angles - Family

Deliberate choice of perspective and photographic practice

  • creates a deeper understanding of your outstanding family

  • sees your friends in a new light

  • produces individual portraits with personality

  • unites the old and the new world


The excellent company

  • puts customers and services into new perspectives

  • welcomes new points of view

  • integrates insights into down-to-earth business practices

  • renews your business with new perspectives


In other words

The excellent business pendulates in a familiar way between several business perspectives


As a figure of speech ...

  • The excellent company operates in a multi-dimensional spiral.

  • The mediocre company moves about in a two-dimensional spiral.

  • And the unreflected company move only in a one-dimensional circle movement.

Do you live a good life ...

or are there things in your life you could wish for differently?

Is your life satisfactory, or is there room for more joy and deeper relationships with other people?

If you had the opportunity to choose a life, would you choose your life as it is now?


New (psychological) perspectives on your life give you

  • greater awareness of your life values

  • increased knowledge of your own life and your wishes for it

  • insight into what brings you pleasure

  • access to joy-promoting decisions and actions

  • close contact with the life you strive for

  • life-guidance through a new, personal mindset

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